• Employees and customers must wash / disinfect their hands frequently in an appropriate manner.


• We guarantee the hygiene and disinfection of our WCs regularly, as well as surfaces with high contact with products certified by the DGS. Higher details will be cleaned daily after the park closes.


•Markings will be placed in some areas to ensure the recommended social distance. We appreciate the individual collaboration of each client in the rules imposed by the DGS.

• Employees who show symptoms will not be allowed to enter for servi 


All members of our team will use the necessary equipment for their protection and follow all the standards recommended by the DGS when using this equipment.

Fun Parks Natura

Inside the park, we advise adults to wear masks and to respect DGS guidelines. The use of a mask by children is at the discretion of their guardian and in accordance with the rules of the DGS.

Fun Parks Indoor
• Inside the park, all adults are required to wear a mask and we ask that you respect the guidelines of the DGS. It is also mandatory the use of masks for children aged 10 years or over according to the rules of the DGS.


• All members of the Feijão Verde Team will have their temperature measured after entering for work.


•  If you have been exposed to COVID-19 recently or have had symptoms (including fever, cough or shortness of breath), stay home and help us keep everyone safe.
If you have health problems or are concerned contracting the Covid-19, stay home and help us keep everyone safe.


• In an effort to reduce points of contagion, we have payment by ATM, cash with the cashdro machine and bank transfer with the presentation of proof at the time of billing.


• The birthday party menus have been changed to individual snacks. Consult our park receptions for more information.


• The maximum occupancy of our Fun Parks will be limited to 50% of the normal capacity.


• Children must use the equipment under adult supervision with the exception of a park supervisor when on spot.

• It´s not permitted clothing with loose fittings, earrings, bracelets, wires, mobile phones or a like.

• It’s mandatory the use of anti-skid socks for children and adults.

• The security areas of the equipment must be kept free from obstacles.

• The equipment can be used by everyone, except the users that show limitions that can be an obstacle for its proper use.

• Children under 4 years old must be accompanied by an adult (Indoor Parks).

• Children from 3 to 11 years old must be accompanied by an adult during the whole visit (Natura Parks).

• Feijao Verde reserves right to collect photos in its space’s in order to support themanagement, promotion of the brand and the exclusive sales to its customers.• Feijao Verde does not assume any responsibility in the case of losses or damage of personal items.

• The individual use of the Fun Park is always subject to the momentary full capacity of the same.

• It's recommended the everybody uses comfortable and sporty clothing during there visit. Accessories that jeopardize the safety of each and every other guest (necklaces, watches, rings, belts, headbands, among others) are not advised.


• When the client exceeds the stipulated birthday time, a fee of 5 Euros per child will be charged for every 15 minutes of delay.

• Feijão Verde Fun Park are responsible for any anomalies that may arise during the birthday party that, in any way, limit or prevent their realization under the terms contracted, and that can not be attributed, under the terms of law, to the party responsible. In these cases, the customer will be entitled to a full refund of the amount of the reservation paid or, alternatively, to remark a new birthday party.

• In case of amusement equipment that is "out of service" because of a technical anomaly, Feijão Verde Fun Park is not attributable, this fact only confers the client to remarking the party to another date and no refund of the value of the birthday party is allowed.

• Feijão Verde Fun Park reserves the right to collect images in their space in order to support, manage, promote the brand and sell exclusively to its customers.

• Feijão Verde Fun Park does not assume responsibility in case of loss or damage of personal objects, as well as of the presents given to the birthday person.

• Feijão Verde Fun Park has at your disposal a personal accident insurance with a deductible fee, supported by the client, valued at 250 Euros.

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Any questions do not hesitate to contact our call center: 911 860 007.


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