Can all Children visit Feijão Verde Fun Park?

- All, from 12 months. However, children under the age of 4 must always be accompanied by a responsible adult.

What is it necessary to have to visit and enjoy the Feijão Verde Fun Park?

- Joy, animation and socks! Yes, it is mandatory to wear anti squid socks. With these three elements you are ready to enjoy the best fun in the world.

From the moment we enter the Feijão Verde Fun Park is everything allowed?

- Did you just enter a Feijão Verde Fun Park? Then let your imagination run wild ... However, it is important to respect some safety rules, such as NO SMOKING and DO NOT INGEST ALCOHOLIC DRINKS. In addition, we have as basic and indispensable rule of respect and friendship among all. This park was created for you and your child. Take care of him as if he was yours.

What does it take to have a birthday party at Feijão Verde Fun Park?

- Talk to us, we'll take care of everything. In the day you will only have to be present, after all this is also your day. We ask the parents responsible for the party to have fun with us and make the most of this important day.

Feijão Verde Fun Park wishes you a wonderful family day. For this to happen peacefully, Feijão Verde has a personal accident insurance, for all incidents that happen inside our facilities. Always consult the specific conditions of our insurance policy.


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