Our project is timeless, because it's of all times, it is interpersonal, because it's of all people and ages.

Chance or pure ambitious destiny wanted to join in the same space the Rodrigo, the mother Telma and a team of animators. From this fortuitous encounter, mother Telma, mother of the birthday boy Rodrigo, shared the following words: "Thank you for making my son so happy; Let me know that my son and I are radiant with your fun park."

Like a bean, we did not want to be centered on our seed, we wanted to ramify our fun. We wanted to convey our genuine animation to other cities.

If at the beginning of this adventure this project seemed arduous and distant, we are very happy  we have conquered Montijo and today we have become the largest network of amusement parks in the country.

Our commitment ceased to be personal and became interpersonal: it's for you and your parents, it's for you and all your friends. Feijão Verde Fun Park, your Fun Park.


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